Black Hats - Black Hat Hacker

Black Hats - Black Hat Hackers

Implementing a reliable and secure cyber defense system in a company today requires extensive expertise. As in many other areas, technology can be used both positively and negatively. Any computer connected to the Internet can perform useful or inappropriate activities.

What are Black Hats?

So-called black hats are people or groups who use their technical skills and knowledge to infiltrate, manipulate or destroy computer systems or networks without obtaining the consent of the owner or operator of these systems. Unlike so-called “whitehats,” who use their skills to discover and fix vulnerabilities, blackhats exploit these vulnerabilities to profit from them, steal information, or cause damage. Blackhats are typically classified as criminals and may use a variety of methods and tools to carry out their illegal activities, including malware, phishing , ransomware , social engineering, and other techniques.

Highly skilled hackers, or so-called blackhats, have a wide range of knowledge and skills in the field of computer and network security. These include, among others:

  • Programming: You have in-depth knowledge of programming languages ​​such as C++, Python, Perl, Javascript, PHP in order to develop special tools and exploits.
  • Network Security: You understand how networks and network security devices work, including firewalls, switches, WLANs. They are able to find and work around vulnerabilities in these systems.
  • Operating Systems: Highly skilled hackers have absolutely deep knowledge of various operating systems, including Windows, Linux and macOS, and understand how these systems work and how they are vulnerable. This goes beyond usability. Hackers are able to manipulate the “kernel”, the actual core of an operating system, through programming in order to influence the communication between software and hardware.
  • Cryptography: Highly skilled hackers have knowledge of cryptography to decrypt encrypted data and bypass security measures.
  • Reverse Engineering: Black hats have skills in reverse engineering software to find vulnerabilities and develop exploits.
  • Social Engineering: Professional hackers also understand how to exploit human weaknesses and behaviors to gain access to systems. They can use social engineering techniques such as spear phishing and social media engineering to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, manipulating people plays a bigger role in black hat hacking than many people think.

An understanding of this is of great importance, as it influences the fundamental decision in our company as to which systems we choose, how we network and program these systems with each other in order to subsequently guarantee reliable security and monitoring of your systems.

Only people who are aware of what has been described above and who also have the relevant specialist knowledge are able to implement security technologies as well as suitable measures for data security and cyber defense in a company really successfully and reliably.

The end product we provide , Defender Technology Network, in the area of ​​complex threat defense, takes into account the knowledge and methods of blackhats and transfers this knowledge to our customers in a 1:1 simulation. As a result, our product ensures unparalleled mirrored defense and, for this very reason, forms a secure basis for protecting your data as well as successful cyber defense in your company.

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