• Small businesses today rely on reliable data backup to keep their business running. The solution: Store your data on our German cloud systems in compliance with the GDPR and the law.

  • Benefit from Level 4 availability and security as well as military-grade RSA encryption with 99.9% availability (SLA).

The advantages of the ECDU.EU Security Cloud

No compromises for your safety. Simply continue working seamlessly with this backup solution.

Backup Lösungen

More safety

Cyber ​​Defense & Protection

Through a combination of different data backup methods such as file systems, RAID levels, encryption (military standard), synchronization, replication and the latest snapshot technologies, we guarantee protection for your data that goes far beyond market standards. Our systems are equipped with backup-redundant firewall systems that feature IDS and IPS technologies.

In addition , these measures protect your data from ransomware attacks . For example, we create hourly backups of your data through version controls with at least 168 versions per week (24 per day x 7 days) as well as monthly, quarterly and annual backups. In this way, we guarantee comprehensive data security and also ensure that your data can be restored at any time .

Defender Network

More safety

24/7 monitoring

All systems and data backups are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without exception. This is what sets us apart from other providers and ensures that you no longer have to worry about your data and its backup. By constantly monitoring all necessary processes and procedures, we assume responsibility and thus relieve you of the question of whether the data backup actually took place reliably.

More safety

Seamless encryption

By using cryptographic procedures and asymmetric crypto keys, only you have access to your data backups. Even our staff is unable to read your encrypted data stored with us. The transfer of data to our systems is encrypted.


No restrictions

We secure and protect a wide range of data sources to ensure you always have access to your important data. This includes a variety of relevant systems, including individual Windows or Mac systems, file servers, virtual VM or hypervisor systems as well as external data such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Drive, including their mailboxes.


Availability class 4

We guarantee maximum availability in the event of failures or maintenance work through ensured redundancies, such as: B. uninterruptible power supply and air conditioning in the data center. This happens, among other things, through the use of UPS systems and diesel generators. All critical supply routes are also duplicated and permanently active. The data center has several fiber optic connections to prevent outages outside the data center (e.g. during road construction work).

Legal security

Policy compliant

The law stipulates certain security standards and retention requirements for different industries. For example, with doctors, lawyers, tax offices, care facilities and in the research and development department. Our systems can be flexibly adapted to any industry.

Legal security

GDPR compliant

We ensure that our systems comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and continually adapt them depending on the industry and the relevant legal requirements. We therefore guarantee our customers that their data will be processed in a legally compliant manner and that data protection requirements will be implemented. This ensures that your individual industry requirements are met as needed to ensure the highest possible security and confidentiality of your data.

The backup solution for small and medium-sized companies

Ask yourself, how important is the data from your ongoing operations to you? What are the consequences if this data is suddenly lost or damaged?

Cloud backup is a worthwhile investment for any business - especially small businesses that often have to make do with limited budgets. Using the right solution can minimize the risk of data loss while achieving cost savings. Therefore, it is essential that small businesses invest in a cloud backup solution to keep their business up to date.

This method not only offers a high level of data security, but also flexible scalability. Small businesses can adjust storage capacity as needed and only pay for the space they actually use.

In addition, when using cloud backup services, there are no costs for your own server infrastructure and IT staff, as the maintenance and care of the systems is carried out by the cloud provider. The software is also updated automatically, so that we always use the latest technology.

Our technology for storing third-party data ensures the highest security standards comparable to systems used by governments and international corporations in the high availability area. The data you have entrusted to us and is secured can only be accessed 24/7 by you and, as long as it is stored in our cloud, offers permanent and comprehensive protection against ransomware and general hacker attacks from cyberspace. Even if your company is directly attacked and encrypted, the data backups we store will remain unaffected.

Together with the other components of our Defender Technology Network We also use the latest technology to ensure that hacker and ransomware attacks are intercepted in advance.

Our security cloud backup solutions for small businesses provide a simple, cost-effective and secure way to store data . Especially in times of cyber attacks and data loss, it is important to rely on a reliable backup solution.

The ECDU.EU Security Cloud can be used standalone or seamlessly combined with your or additional local backup systems.

A useful addition to cloud backup is local backups, which are then transferred to the cloud. This is particularly recommended if the available Internet connection has limited capacity and large amounts of data are changed daily. The combination of both backup methods ensures double backup, even if the data line fails completely.

Protect your business

Talk to our experts and find out how you can now actively ensure the security of your data with intelligent backup solutions.