• Security against data loss

  • Security against cyber attacks

  • Security against hardware and software failures

Defender Network: Close IT security gaps

With the ECDU.EU Defender Network , we offer a unique solution that is unmatched in terms of security, protection and personalized customization options. Arrange a conversation with our experts now to find out more.

The Defender Network includes:

Backup Lösungen

Remote Monitoring & Management

24/7 system monitoring

The Defender Networks RMM system constantly and reliably monitors your network for unscheduled activities and failures and unwanted access. These can be configured individually and according to requirements. For example, it can be monitored whether unwanted devices such as third-party laptops, mobile devices, etc. log into the network and/or WLAN, or whether external data storage media are used to illegally copy and steal data from the company.

At the same time, email traffic is constantly checked for malicious links, phishing and malware.


data backup

Backup solutions

Today, small businesses rely on reliable data backup to keep their business running. With Security Backup within the Defender Network, we offer a solution to store data securely locally and/or in the cloud in German data centers in accordance with applicable legal regulations.

This protects you from possible failures, fire and water damage as well as cyber attacks such as ransomware attacks and much more

Defender Network

Use of a wide range of risk management tools

Risk management is an integral part of any successful business strategy. It allows companies to identify, assess and prepare for potential risks that could impact their objectives.

Our Defender Network RMM tools enable organizations to take a proactive approach to risk management, helping them identify and prioritize potential threats and develop effective mitigation strategies. Continuous monitoring ensures that companies are always prepared for the changing threat landscape.


Endpoint Security

Our endpoint protection modules make it possible to monitor connected data carriers such as external hard drives or USB sticks and specifically protect parts or even the entire system from potential theft attempts through encryption.

Our Full Disk Encryption from Defender Network offers a high level of protection for confidential data and ensures that it does not fall into the wrong hands even if the device is stolen or lost.


Online training

Cybersecurity training

Preventively protect your valuable assets, data and your reputation by providing you and your employees with up-to-date cybersecurity training from experienced experts and IT experts, which you can use permanently.

After successfully completing the video training, you will receive a certificate from a certified IT and expert assessor as confirmation of your participation and successful examination.

This means you can identify and close major security gaps now and without waiting.

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  • reliability

  • Transparency & control

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