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Security check

Why a security check is worthwhile for every entrepreneur

What we do at the Cyber ​​Security Check

Our Cyber ​​Security Check is a risk and danger analysis and offers you a comprehensive overview of whether you can rely on your backups, whether there is a need for optimization or even urgent action. We consider all important aspects such as the hardware and software used, rotation plans and the type of different backups (e.g. full backups, synchronization, incremental backups, snapshots, snapshot replication, storage management, encryption).

We also check whether the most important systems in your company are fully secured . If external backups are transferred to a cloud, for example, we also create an overview and assessment of the reliability of these backups and their potential resistance to hacker attacks.

We carry out our free analysis together with you via remote maintenance and are also available to talk to your IT department. Please note that the free analysis and initial assessment is limited to a maximum period of two hours , which is usually sufficient to make an initial assessment.

If you continue to be interested in our services, we will be happy to make you an individual offer at any time.

Why you should have your current security level checked

Based on our extensive experience, we know that a significant number of installed data protection and backup systems unfortunately do not reach the desired standard or were set up incorrectly.

Despite initial efforts to put adequate backup systems in place, over time these become neglected . It is not uncommon for companies to believe that once data backups are in place, they will work consistently and reliably, although few are able to answer the question of the actual security of their backups with a resounding yes.

It should also be noted that an effective backup strategy involves much more than simply copying data from A to B or storing it on a second hard drive. In many industries, company backups must not only be backed up and able to be restored in an emergency, but also comply with legal requirements. In addition, a backup strategy must be designed so that it can withstand attacks from cyberspace, such as hacker attacks.

Backups are no guarantee, especially if they are set up incorrectly, that trouble-free restoration is guaranteed in the event of damage or data loss. Therefore, backups that are simply created without being subjected to regular functional tests can pose a significant risk. For example, we have repeatedly found that backups transferred to the cloud in parallel often contain errors. This is often because the customer's Internet speed is so slow that there are repeated connection interruptions and errors while transferring the backups to the cloud, or backups can be accessed due to a lack of encryption. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon here that backups that have already been implemented have not provided reliable data protection for years.

It also happens that newly introduced systems are no longer included in the backup strategy.

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