Collection: Security backup solution

Today, small businesses rely on reliable data backup to keep their business running. With our security backup, we offer a solution for storing data securely locally and/or in the cloud in German data centers in accordance with applicable legal regulations.

This protects you from possible failures, fire and water damage as well as cyber attacks such as ransomware attacks and much more

Transparent and flexible storage prices, perfectly tailored to your needs

No compromises for the security of your data. Get our high-end security components for security backups - with every package.

The size of your data volume largely determines the monthly or discounted annual price. We will advise you in advance, free of charge, on your individual situation.

Do you know whether your data is currently being backed up?

Many companies neglect the topic of backup systems, especially those that have been active on the market for a long time. Although backups are considered in the early days of the company, they are forgotten over time.

For this reason, companies are often unable to assess the reliability of their backups or know the exact contents of their external storage media, which are stored elsewhere and regularly replaced.

How current are the backups? Is all necessary data reliably secured? How old are the backups actually?

Our data center is monitored 24/7 and checks every single system and backup to ensure that all necessary processes are carried out reliably. You need to worry about anything. If necessary, we will automatically contact you.

Additional advantages