Digital Now

A boost for the digitalization of medium-sized businesses and a way to finance your cybersecurity measures

Digitalization is changing the business world. While large companies often have the resources and infrastructure to adapt to these changes, the middle market can be left behind. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) has recognized this dilemma and launched the “Digital Now” program to support medium-sized businesses in Germany with digitalization.

What is “Digital Now”?

“Digital Now” is a BMWi initiative that aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in investing in digital technologies and training their employees in the area of ​​digitalization. The program offers financial grants to enable companies to accelerate digital transformation and strengthen their competitiveness.

Why is cybersecurity crucial?

As digitalization advances, the risk of cyber attacks also increases. For SMBs, a single security incident can have devastating financial and reputational consequences. That's why cybersecurity education is crucial for companies.


The “Digital Now” funding is a great opportunity for medium-sized businesses in Germany to drive forward digital change while ensuring the necessary security. Investing in cybersecurity education is not only a proactive measure against threats, but also a step towards a responsible and sustainable digital business model.

Practical example: BEST PRACTICE - Protected against hacker attacks with funding

If you would like to find out more about our cybersecurity training or find out about the “Digital Now” funding, please do not hesitate to contact us. It's time to make the digital future safe!

Trust us as your partner in the fight against cybercrime and ensure the security of your digital identity with our comprehensive IT security solutions and cybersecurity training.

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Who receives the funding?

Digital funding is now available to medium-sized companies from all sectors (including craft businesses and freelance professions) and with 3 to 499 employees who are planning corresponding digitalization projects, for example investments in software/hardware and/or in employee training.

The company must present a digitalization plan by answering specific questions in the funding application. This

  • describes the entire digitization project,
  • explains the type and number of qualification measures,
  • shows the current status of digitalization in the company and the goals to be achieved with the investment,
  • shows, for example, how the organization in the company is made more efficient, how the company opens up new business areas, how it develops a new business model and/or how its market position is strengthened.

Aside from that:

  • The company must have a permanent establishment or branch in Germany where the investment takes place.
  • The project must not have started at the time the funding is approved.
  • Once approved, it must generally be implemented within twelve months.
  • The company must be able to prove the use of the funding.
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How do I receive the funding?

The Digital Now program contains two funding modules:

Funding module 1: “Investment in digital technologies” &
Funding module 2: “Investment in the qualification of employees”

Registration, confirmation of participation in the monthly allocation of application quotas and application submission are only possible via the funding portal.

The application tool was activated on September 7th. The application for funding must be submitted by 2023 inclusive.

Register directly here

Type, scope and amount of funding


The maximum funding amount for the Digital Now Initiative is 50,000 euros per company; for investments in value chains and/or networks, it can be up to 100,000 euros per company. In Module 1 and when Modules 1 and 2 are used cumulatively, the minimum funding amount is 17,000 euros; in Module 2 this is 3,000 euros.

The maximum funding quotas are staggered according to company size (employee full-time equivalent - FTE23) as follows from July 1, 2021:

  • Up to 50 employees: up to 40 percent
  • Up to 250 employees: up to 35 percent
  • Up to 499 employees: up to 30 percent

There are also increased funding quotas.

Read more about the entire policy here:

Guideline (PDF) of Digital Now funding

Excerpts from “Digital Now”

Collected excerpts, in particular on the area of ​​IT security , from the guidelines for the funding program “Digital now – investment support for SMEs” dated May 19, 2020 from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Read about it in its entirety here .

(...) In order for digital change to be successful in the company, the existing workforce must also be prepared for the changes and trained for them. When implementing technical solutions, classic personnel development measures (awareness raising, training) are often neglected. Errors, negligence or ignorance of IT security among employees are now considered the main cause of damage. Employee training and skills building in the company can be helpful, but target group-specific offers on the market are difficult for companies to identify and finance. Day-to-day business often ties up all available time and human resources. (...)

(...) Current studies show that most companies lack awareness of IT security. Although the need for trustworthy ICT infrastructure is increasing, a large number of SMEs do not have sufficient technical and organizational security measures. SMEs shy away from investing in IT security. A third of companies did not plan to make any investments in this area in 2017. The high costs are often cited as an obstacle to taking IT security measures.15 The investment grant program provides for an increased funding rate for investments in IT security within modules 1 and/or 2. (...)

1.2 Funding objectives (...)

– Contribution to increasing IT security in the supported companies. (...)


2.7.1 Module 1 “Investment in digital technologies” The subject of the funding is investments in specifically named digital technologies (usually third-party services) and associated processes and implementations. This includes in particular investments in hardware and software that promote the internal and external networking of companies, taking into account various aspects such as data-driven business models, artificial intelligence, cloud applications, big data, use of hardware (e.g. sensors, 3D printing) as well as IT security and data protection.

2.7.2 The type and number of qualification measures are described in the digitalization plan and must be related to the company's digitalization goals. The further training provider must be able to expect successful further training thanks to its spatial, technical and personnel equipment and there must be continuity in the offer over several years. Furthermore, the quality level of the training providers of the qualification measures must be verifiable through certification or through legal recognition or evidence of the quality assurance of the offer. (...)

Note: This is the new version of 2.7.2 as of August 19, 2021

5.2.3 Increased funding quotas apply for:


– Investments in training and technologies with a focus on IT security, including data protection (+ 5 percentage points). – This includes investments that specifically focus on improving IT security in your own company. These must make a significant contribution to ensuring IT protection goals such as confidentiality, integrity, availability or authenticity. (...)

Tips for applicants for the “Digital Now” funding

  • Prepare digitalization plan
  • Submit the application promptly after receiving the quota
  • Check whether an increased funding rate can be applied for (e.g. through participation in a value creation network or through an investment in IT security)
  • Check whether a combination of both funding modules makes sense (investment in digital technology and employee training)

Further information is also available on the Mittelstand Digital initiative website

Protect your business

Use the federal funding “Digital Now” to increase your IT security. We advise you and work with you to create your digitalization plan for applying for funding.