Defense against unknown attack patterns

How does cyber defense work?

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial neural networks (ANN), we are able to successfully ward off even unknown attack patterns on your systems. The advanced technologies we use make it possible to recognize and analyze even complex behavioral patterns of potential threats in order to identify anomalies and then initiate appropriate countermeasures.

AI-based algorithms and artificial neural networks (ANN) are used in the area of ​​our professional cyber defense to make predictions about which patterns or trends will develop in the future or occur in the future, even if they do not yet exist or have been developed.

This is because algorithms are based on analyzing large amounts of data and detecting certain patterns and relationships within this data that can indicate future developments or events.

An example of this is the prediction of new ransomware attacks

For example, algorithms can be based on analysis of past ransomware attacks to identify certain patterns or characteristics of attacks that indicate that a future attack is imminent.

By analyzing behavior patterns of users and computers within a network, algorithms can also detect anomalies or unusual activity that could indicate a new type of ransomware attack. Additionally, algorithms can also continually monitor what new tools or technologies are being developed by hackers to carry out attacks. By analyzing this information, algorithms can predict future attacks and develop new protections to protect your systems from these threats.

The ANN is constantly trained and updated with new data to improve the detection rate and prevent attacks. When suspicious activity is detected, the system automatically triggers an alert and takes action to stop and neutralize the threat.

As soon as our software has been installed on your systems as part of cyber defense, they are permanently connected to the AI-based network as long as the computer is online or switched on.

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