Spam and phishing

Are you actively protecting yourself from the increasing threats of spam and phishing?

Or are you, like many of our customers, deleting hundreds of spam and phishing emails a day and still not quite sure whether it is a trustworthy email from your bank or DHL?

Don't allow your personal information to be stolen or your computer to be infiltrated. Act now and use our products that have been specially developed to protect you from these dangerous attacks and reduce the flood of spam.

Trust us as your partner in the fight against cybercrime and ensure the security of your digital identity with our comprehensive email protection.

Spam und Phishing

Preventive protection of your emails

Our comprehensive email protection is a cloud-based email security solution and part of our ECDU.EU 'Defender Technological Network'. The software is installed remotely and actively protects you against email-based threats such as spam, phishing, malware, ransomware and zero-day attacks every time you receive an email and click a link.

The solution is available as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and can be integrated with various email platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and many more.

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How protection against spam and phishing works

Our email protection offers a secure way to check your incoming and outgoing emails. He is part of the ECDU.EU Defender Technology Network .

The protection acts as a "man in the middle" by first checking your emails using the Defender network according to the latest and highest standards in order to detect malicious code or ransomware attacks. Every email is scanned for known threats and suspicious file attachments are automatically disassembled and tested in a so-called “sandbox” to identify potential infections.

Only after successful verification and through additionally used AI-based algorithms will the email be securely delivered to you or your email to a recipient.

The key features of this email security solution are:

  • Email filters

  • Antivirus and antimalware protection

  • Link & URL filter

  • Attachment sandboxing

  • Email encryption

Once our module is installed on one of your systems and a link is opened, the link's behavior is analyzed to determine whether it may contain malicious code. The system uses a combination of signature and heuristic analysis to detect known and unknown threats.

If the link is detected as suspicious, the system blocks access to the website before the browser can open it. Depending on the configuration of the modules and the guidelines that apply to the network in question, various measures can be taken, including isolating the affected computer.

The system works in the background to protect the user's system and minimize the risk of malware infections and other cyber threats such as spam and phishing while the user surfs the Internet and opens links.

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